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Foundation Courses


For absolute beginners or very basic knowledge of the language grammar and vocabulary. 



Ideal for those who have taken a beginner’s course and for those who need to refresh knowledge previously acquired.


For those with a good grasp of basic grammar and wishing to put into practise their speaking, writing and reading and comprehension skills.

Italian for Management and Business

Looking to learning Italian for Management and Business? Look no further: you found the right Italian tutor for you. 

I led courses on this topic at University level, and for several companies and business people in the Berkshire area. 

Drop me a line to discuss your requirements.

Create Your Own Italian Language Course

The foundation courses do not fit your schedule. Do you want to study at your pace or with your pals?
No problem at all: I can design an Italian Language course tailored on your specific needs.
Get in touch and let’s discuss your requirements.

Workshops & Events


Learn the basics of food-related Italian vocab, and phrases, & then join the cook ‘n Eat Masterclass  to let out the Italian cook in you.


Learn Italian Language and Culture with the aid of some of the most famous Italian movies.

The Reading Italian School, Il Maestro


Learn Italian Language and Culture whilst singing the most famous Italian songs.


Let’s learn together what you have been missing from most of the good laughs that your Italian friends and partners have around you. 


Grammar is preventing you from being confident?
Let’s learn Italian Grammar from A to Z together then!

The Reading Italian School, Il Maestro


Dive into some serious structured speaking lessons to untie your tongue.

Learning Italian has never been chattier.

How do I enrol?

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What My Clients Say...


No, you are not. There is no age limit and my students’ ages range from 20 to 75. And regarding your memory, I find that older students perform better than younger ones. There are actually several reasons for that, but I won’t bother you with boring stuff.

The coursebooks vary according to students’ levels and abilities: I like to keep myself up-to-date and decide after assessing the participants’ needs. Some courses follow specific course books, which are available from most good booksellers online. Additional course materials are prepared by me are shared with you free of charge online. I make full use of online opportunities, too: therefore, we will have Skype/Zoom, WhatsApp and Facebook private groups.  

I am a University lecturer in Italian at the University of Reading, where I received my PhD in Italian. Here at Reading, as well as teaching Italian Language and Italian for Management & Business at all levels, I am the module convenor of a literature module covering the period from Middle Ages to Renaissance. Last, but not least, I have published several works on the Italian language, check here my profile on Academia.edu. 

Tricky question. I would lie if I told you ‘very little time’. The truth is that there is no universal rule. It depends on your personal situation, skills and commitment. I can definitely say that by the end of the beginner course, all students can take the first flight to Italy and communicate in basic Italian. 

Each class is open for up to 8 students. I am not a fan of classes of 10 or greaterI am interested in you to staying and learning Italian rather than ripping you off and seeing you go because you shared your experience with too many other people in the classroom. 

Forget the old fashioned student-teacher relationship. I make lessons interactive and fun. My primary aim is to create a small family, in which the members are comfortable and happy to grow their learning together. My methods vary according to the topics covered and the students themselves. For instance, my language-themed workshops such as Speak Like You Eat, Italian & Cinema, Talk Dirty Italian and Grammar require different approaches and teaching methods, as do our standard language courses.  

At the moment, due to COVID-19, all of our classes are online. When we are able to and it’s safe to do so, lessons will be both online and face-to-face. 


Learning Italian has never been easier